Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix

The sequel to the massively popular Rainbow Riches slot is here. Play Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix online now.

Although visually similar to the original, a 5×3, 20 reel slot full of rainbows, leprechauns and pots of gold, this enhanced edition comes with a twist. You are now guaranteed to play your favourite bonus rounds since you are in control and get to customise your slot experience! Barcrest has kept 2 bonus rounds from the original (we drop the least interesting Wishing Well feature) and also added three more features which have been taken from the physical slot machines found in pubs and casinos around the country.

Rainbow Riches Pick ‘N’ Mix Demo

William Hill


T&C’s Apply 18+

10 FREE Spins No Deposit!

T&C’s Apply 18+

How To Play Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix Online

Place your stake anywhere between 1p to £25 and hit spin! With 20 lines to play for that means a minimum bet of 20p, and a maximum bet of £500 per spin catering for all punters!

Choose Your Bonuses!

When you first load Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix you are asked to choose up to 3 bonus games from the choice of 5 – Roads to Riches, Pots of Gold, Free Spins, Cash Crop and Magic Toadstool . If you prefer one bonus over the rest, for example, Free Spins, just select one bonus and you will get to play it more often! If you change your mind and want a different set of bonuses you can change your selection by just hitting the reset bonus button anytime before your next spin!

Roads To Riches

Leprechaun Slot Scatter

3x – Trigger Bonus

4x – Super Bonus – Increased Multipliers

5x – Instant 500x Multiplier

This plays the same as the original game, spin the wheel and travel the road to reach the end of the rainbow and claim the 500x multiplier. This time round however 4 leprechaun symbols will trigger the Super Road to Riches which increases the value of the multipliers. If you’re lucky enough to get 5 leprechaun symbols, you will automatically get the 500x multiplier applied to your stake!

Pick N Mix Road to Riches bonus

Pots of Gold

Pick n mix Pot of Gold

3x – Trigger Bonus

4x – Super Bonus – Gold and Silver Pots Only

5x – Instant 500x Multiplier

Playing like the original our leprechaun friend is standing on a plinth. When 3 Pots of Gold trigger the bonus, Gold, Silver and Bronze pots spin around him, 4 Pots of Gold triggering the super version of the game and will result in just Gold and Silver pots on the screen. Stop the gold pot by the arrow to win the biggest multiplier.

Free Spins

Pick n Mix Free Spins

3x – 10 Free Spins

4x – 20 Free Spins

5x – 30 Free Spins

Free Spin symbols are stacked on reel 1, match Free Spins on reels 1, 3 and 5 to trigger up to 30 Free spins.

Free Spins can be triggered during the bonus. During Free Spins the wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except Free Spins. The Free Spins acts as wild for all symbols and the bonus can be re-triggered.

Pick N Mix Free Spins

Cash Crop

Pick N Mix Cash Crop

3x – Trigger Bonus

4x – Super Bonus – Increased Multipliers

5x – Instant 500x Multiplier

This feature displays 50 coins on screen and spin. The coins will land on a multiplier or are blank. The multipliers fade out one by one, adding their prize amount (multiplier x original bet) to the winnings box.

A large coin then spins in the middle of the screen with “Go On” one one side, and “Collect “ on the other. If the coin lands on “Go on” the next level is triggered. The music increases in pace and 50 coins are displayed again but with higher multipliers. Play continues until either the end of round 3, or the “Collect” side of the large coin is landed on. The amount collected in the winnings box is then awarded to the player.

Level 1 – Coin Multipliers x1

Level 2 – Coin Multipliers x2

Level 3 – Coin Multiplier x5 & x10

Pick N Mix Cash Crop

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Symbols

Leprechaun Slot ScatterPick n mix Pot of GoldPick n Mix Free SpinsPick N Mix Cash CropPick n mix Magic MushroomPick N Mix Wild

Magic Toadstool

Pick n mix Magic Mushroom

3x – Trigger Bonus

4x – Super Bonus – Increased Multipliers

5x – Instant 500x Multiplier

The bonus round displays a screen of a field of  24 toadstools. You get 3 picks to reveal the multiplier hidden beneath. Some toadstools, however reveal a FAIRY who will reveal another 3 toadstools for further multipliers or fairies. This can trigger a chain reaction resulting in clearing the whole board quite easily. If this happens and picks are left but no toadstools remain then a final multiplier is awarded to the amount shown in the winnings box.

If the minimum win threshold is not reached when the player is out of picks, then additional picks are awarded one at a time until the minimum win has been reached.

Don’t forget this round is one of the easiest triggered using the Big Bet feature, around a 90% chance when using a £20 stake, or a 50% chance with a £25 stake of triggering the super bonus.

Pick n Mix Magic Toadstool Bonus

Big Bet

On top of this, Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix has also been supercharged with the Big Bet feature – Spin the wheel to trigger the bonus round immediately!  This feature has been a hit in other popular online slots such as Monopoly Big Event.

The Big Bet game can be accessed at any time by pressing the purple BB icon to the right of the reel. Land in the rainbow segment and instantly play the bonus round, land in the green and you receive 5 FREE MEGA SPINS.

Free spins and Mega spins are played at 3x the minimum stake/line amount and all active bonuses can be triggered during mega spins. The stake must be set between £10-25

Big Bet Dial
Rainbow dial Big bet
  • The game consists of 1 to 3 circular dials, the number is dependent on how many bonuses were chosen and the dials have the corresponding bonus icon above them.
  • Each dial consists of 2 segments,  a rainbow segment, and a green segment. The segments vary in size, the bigger the stake, the larger the rainbow segment becomes and therefore the greater the chance of playing the bonus round.
  • Clicking the dial will spin its arrow, and if the arrow lands on the rainbow segment you instantly play that bonus. Land in the green segment and 5 free Mega spins are automatically played before returning you (and your potential winnings) to the Big bet screen.
  • If you trigger the Pots to Gold or Rainbow Riches bonus in the Big Bet game then the bonus is played at 60x the minimum stake/line amount multiplied by the winning bonus multiplier.
  • If the Cash Crop bonus is triggered during the Big Bet game then each coin multiplier is multiplied by 60x the minimum stake/line amount.
  • If the Magic Toadstool bonus is triggered during the Big Bet game then each toadstool multiplier is multiplied by 60x the minimum stake/line amount.

The Magic Toadstools and Free Spins feature very easy to trigger due to the large segment size of  the rainbow. Around a 90% chance of landing in the rainbow segment is given if you use a £20 or £25 stake respectively.

Roads to Riches reaches around a 60% chance of entering the bonus when using a £25 stake. The Pots of Gold and Cash Crop bonus have the lowest chance of triggering the bonus, just under 20%, but remember 5 Mega Free Spins are awarded if you miss out.


This is by far the best slot to play if you love bonus rounds! You’re in control, you choose which bonus round(s) appear, and can dive straight into the features themselves with Big Bet! We personally had more fun playing this enhanced version than the original. Try the Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix demo yourself above and then head over to one of our suggested casinos and play for real! All of the casinos we recommend are trusted, secure and of course offer Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n” Mix slot, along with the best welcome bonuses so what are you waiting for?